Lecia Lash Cait's Eye

 What are adhesive lashes?

If you are anything like me, lashes are your go to accessory. They are the perfect addition to pull together any look, including the days we like to go without makeup! 

Adhesive lashes, also known as falsies, strip lashes, or glue on lashes, come in many varieties these days. These are lashes of a synthetic material placed along a full strip to cover the span of your eye (as shown above). They come in a variety of styles from natural to full glam, but at the end of the day the goal is to add fullness and length to your lashes.

Here at Xoxo Cait we have tried to take the time consuming task of applying lashes and make it as simple and QUICK as possible. We have a felt tip adhesive liner available in black, brown and clear that you simply apply to your lash line then immediately apply your lashes. No dry time! Easy and Quick application!