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A few great tips regarding our Seint Beauty iiid makeup and application issues. After doing a lot of research as I am learning right along with you, here are the best tips I have found and TRIED:


Moisturizing your skin is always an important step in taking care of your skin, but you don’t need to moisturize right before applying Seint makeup like you would before using a liquid foundation. 

If you feel like you need to add moisture in the morning, make sure that you are letting your moisturizer soak in completely or your creme makeup will slide around or off of your skin. Try a heavy moisturizing routine at night or if you must apply in morning do it as soon as you wake up so it has time to soak in. 


With creams, there is really not much of a need to prime your skin. If you do choose to prime make sure your primer is silicone free or it will counteract with the creme makeup and cause separation. 


SPF’s may cause oil production. If you choose to use SPF then make sure you are letting it fully set in before applying your Seint makeup. We want to avoid any separation, and excess oils are a main cause of this. 


Less is more when it comes to this particular makeup. These cremes are highly pigmented. Start with very little and always remember you can dab a little more on if you need a bit more coverage as this product is extremely buildable. If it seems overly oily or has a cakey look or feel, you have used too much product. You should easily be getting 2 months from your tik. 


Our setting spray helps tremendously here. Along with the Vanilla Dust setting powder. I primarily powder my T zone as that is where I over produce oils. Over a few weeks your skin will start to transition better and better to your new makeup. It also helps me to do a thin coat of powder with a spritz of the setting spray (and letting it dry) BEFORE applying this makeup. We can also always talk about adding in our amazing skin care line.


Use our Perfector sponge after applying your makeup! Get the sponge wet with water, use a towel to get out the majority of the water as it should only be damp and not dripping, and continue to press (not rub) your makeup into your skin. This will help create a smooth airbrush finish and also pick up any excess makeup and oils before using your setting spray and/or powder! 


This could be as simple as needing a new color match or needing to exfoliate/moisturize.