Adhesive Liner

Adhesive Liner


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Gluten and latex free adhesive liner for lash application. Available in black, brown, and clear!



Gluten and latex free adhesive liner for lash application. Available in black, brown, and clear!

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Clear


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Weight .61 oz
Dimensions 5.25 × 2.375 × .75 in

Black, Brown, Clear

7 reviews for Adhesive Liner

  1. Krystal (verified owner)

    Bought the black liner along side the Lucy lashes. I bought black because i always wear black eyeliner and thought it’d work great paired with my liquid liner.
    There are several things i love about this adhesive (aside from it being black).
    First thing is the awesome felt tip that comes to a nice point for precision application and secondly, I love the strong hold! These babys stay on all day!

    I am newish to lashes so sometimes when i apply them incorrectly an edge will pop up. The liners strong hold, and precision tip allow me to pin point and fix exactly where i missed the glue, so i can strap them back down for some all day adventures!

    The liner is harder than other liners to get off. HOWEVER, it holds your lashes on all day! So is this really a con? Not to me ☺️

    Ill be buying clear next time so i can try more looks with my eye makeup.

    Small Tip: Always store this liner tip down.

  2. Mercedes (verified owner)

    This stuff is genius. The clear allows for a natural look when applying lashes. I am pretty lash illiterate and these lash adhesive pens make it so simple. Literally anyone can apply them! They are amazing.

  3. Caty (verified owner)

    These lashes are fantastic. The perfect amount of bougie and I love me some good packaging! The adhesive applicator has to be my favorite part. I mean, rhinestones?! Come on! Yes! Not to mention that because of the felt tip style it is as easy to apply as normal eyeliner. It makes the application process so much easier!! No waiting on things to dry forever. Great job!

  4. Talia (verified owner)

    I have the black adhesive liner and I am in love. I cannot do regular glue on lashes to save my life. They turn our an awful mess. I can successfully do my lashes on the first try EVERY TIME with this adhesive pen. I am telling you it is worth it!

  5. Sara (verified owner)

    Super adorable applicator, easy to grip and hold. I’m terrible with regular glue, and this applicator makes it easy to get the look I want without al of the mistakes

  6. Lecia Bilyeu (verified owner)

    I purchased the clear color. I’m not a fan of liner so this was the perfect option for me!
    Let’s start with the fact I’ve never been good with the traditional glue for false lashes. The felt tip pen is GENIUS! It’s so easy to use.
    The lashes with this adhesive will last all day & night. Even a night out and my lashes lasted.
    One tube has lasted me quite some time too! Store it with the felt tip down to make sure it’s always ready to use.
    I’m super happy xoxocait made an option like this! It’s amazing!

  7. Melissa Hester (verified owner)

    I’m still fairly new to lashes. I have tried magnetic and adhesive in other brands. I found this liner super easy to use and the lashes stay on all day. I bought the black and I like that I can see exactly where it is applied so I can make sure to get super close to my natural lash line.

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