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I’ve aspired to have my own business for as long as I can remember. I never really took to the 9-5 grind.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely did that, but… with a lot of resentment. Maybe some of you understand, but I needed more of a purpose.

I knew I wanted to connect with all types of women. I also wanted to create a space for women to feel safe and to be able to express themselves independently. What I didn’t know was everything in my life was leading me to this point.

Ever since I was little I had the tendency to over love and over trust. This helped me to make many amazing friends, but it also helped to garner quite few “non Cait supporters”. Having a personality like mine will lead many to convince themselves that I’m not genuine.There aren’t many people that believe someone can be as happy, loving, and welcoming all the time without ulterior motives. Let’s skip the depressing details and say that it eventually led me down a very lonely path for a few seasons. It had me questioning the person that I had become and maybe, just maybe that they were right and I wasn’t genuine.

Fast forward to when I put away the self doubt and took a long hard look in the mirror. The only person I needed to prove my authenticity to was myself. I had lost myself somewhere along the way. I had let other people’s opinions change who I was. I know who I am and I’ve always loved to help people or make them smile. I knew then that as long as I could help it, I would never let another woman feel the way I felt during that loneliness.

We should never feel alone, unheard, or afraid.

This business was created to be a space where we as women can come together to celebrate ourselves and each other. I’ve chosen names for each of the lash releases. These women are all extremely important to me and have impacted my life directly somehow. In the future I’d like to include all of you in choosing the next name so stay tuned!

There will be goodies for the makeup lovers, and accessories to tie together YOUR perfect look.

Although products on the site may be ever changing and cycling through different trends, who you are never has to change. Let me be the first to welcome you and I hope you find a few treats to express your perfect self to be exactly who you are.

Welcome to Xoxo Cait and let’s make each day beautiful together.

-Xoxo, Cait



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